About Angry Norman – concert photography

Norman Gosch aka Angry Norman

My name is Norman, I am a concert photographer based in Hamburg, Germany. I am also the editor-in-chief for the online magazine Reportink for which I work as a photographer and editor (e.g. record reviews, etc.).

Why do I do what I do

Because I love music. It is that easy. I never learned to play an instrument. But I was always surrounded by music – all kinds of music. Spending a day without listening to music? Impossible!

The first time that I actually shot a concert was at the Greenfield Festival, Switzerland. To have the possibility to shoot bands like Hatebreed, Foo Fighters, System of a Down and many more was a real eye-opener. I knew: That is what I wanna do – be a concert photographer!

What keeps me going

I do not care if I shoot a huge festival stage or a tiny club. It is always the music, the energy, the crowd that keeps me going. I still get a bit nervous when I am supposed to shoot some of my favorite artists (I wrote an article on that topic for Reportink, shooting SLIPKNOT at the Greenfield Festival 2019 – you can find the article here). But as soon as I enter the pit, I do know what I am supposed to do – and I just love doing it.

So, if you want me to shoot your gig, shoot some band photos or review your record for REPORTINK – feel free to contact me by sending an email to:


Norman aka Angry Norman